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Powder rooms, full baths and master en suites may not be the most glamorous area of the house, so keeping this room neat and tidy is important when preparing to list your house.  

Bathrooms can be a challenge to stage due to lack of storage space and functional nature.  There are inexpensive ways to get your bathroom ready for potential buyers and the first step is to assess the condition of your bathroom or bathrooms.   Repainting is a great way to freshen up the walls.  Semi-gloss are the easiest to clean.  If you have a bathroom that doesn't get a lot of exposure to moister, such as a powder room, egg shell and satin finishes work beautifully.  *Powder rooms painted in light blue, pale blue or periwinkle are inviting to potential buyers. 

Clear off the vanity.  Create a clean canvas by removing all your daily bathroom supplies. Adding a vase with fresh flowers or wrapped decorative soaps with an unused hand towel adds a soft touch to your vanity.  This goes for inside  your shower as well.   Potential buyers do not want to see your personal hygiene products.  Keeping the shower clutter free like removing a shower caddy and plastic shampoo/conditioner and body wash bottles gives the shower a quick and inexpensive make-over.  *Metal shower caddys are perfectly fine to keep as long as they are clean and free of mildew or rust.

Placing a stool or bench in the master en suite or full bath gives a spa inspired feel.  Neatly folded face and hand towel, soap, candles or a potted plant create a beautiful inviting space.  

Replacing any outdated fixtures that completes your home's style.  Replacing track lighting with a two-light fixture.  Knobs and pulls can be updated with metal spray paint.  

Making minor upgrades, rather than spending a lot of time and money to stage your bathroom(s) can help you focus on the other rooms of your home.  

necessary room

Light soft colors and neutral shades offer a tranquil and calming look.



Allow natural light to flow through.



Functional wire and wicker baskets are a great way to store essentials.  Maximize your space!




Ikea, Home Goods and Wayfair are just a few places to find the best stool or bench for your bathroom. 




A bathroom is easy to overlook when preparing your home for selling.  When potential buyers begin their home search, they will make a real physical decision.  Bathrooms are personal spaces so the main thing buyers will look for is cleanliness.  Staging your bathroom(s) before your realtor shows your home can make the difference between a home sale or a rejection.   

Staging your home with a certified home stager is the secret to selling your home 73% faster on average.   List with Kohr Values Group and receive a complimentary home staging consultation!


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